A new chapter

A new female chef, a new culinary journey, a new showpiece overlooking the Ritz Paris Grand Jardin. Eugénie Béziat delights diners with an acute sensibility born of two continents. Having grown up in Africa and summered in Provence, she embraces this unique perspective - using unexplored, fresh flavours to amaze the palate.

A welcoming place

Designed to create the feel of an intimate dining room, the restaurant combines muted tones and subtle mouldings. The plant-themed imagery of the giant patterned rug echoes the hotel's garden, while a superb chandelier of Bohemian crystal brings enlightenment to the ceiling.

Le Ritz Paris affiche une fois encore l'audace qui fait sa légende

An open kitchen

On entering the kitchen, the eye is immediately drawn to the hushed ballet of ten cooks, all concentrating to the utmost. The kitchen's large bay windows give it all the feel of a live theatre show.

Starry diners

An exceptional setting to find in the heart of Paris, the terrace in Burgundy stone promises a magical dining experience. White-washed planters dotted about bringing a Mediterranean feel, while charming benches nestled under arches of greenery and roses, inviting the eye to take in the enchanting view of the Grand Jardin.

Renouveler les plaisirs en bousculant les codes

Eugénie Béziat

Une femme de gout, de parfums
et de souvenirs lointains
Une femme de gout, de parfums
et de souvenirs lointains
Eugénie Béziat

A chef nurtured by two continents

Eugénie Béziat's nostalgia-tinged French gourmet cuisine conjures memories of a youth spent in Africa. It also recalls her mother's native Provence, where she enjoyed summers with her family.

A cuisine bursting with different influences

Eugénie Béziat takes the utmost care when balancing her vibrant array of condiments, spices and essences to attain the ideal interplay of sweet, bitter, acidic and spicy. Each mouthful is a masterpiece.

The team

François Perret,
Chef Pâtissier

The two Chefs work together to create a full spectrum of complementary tastes and textures, such as the Kororima seed from Ethiopia that François Perret uses in his delicate crisp soufflé with Madagascar chocolate.

Un voyage sensoriel complet

Florian Guilloteau,
Chef Sommelier

Florian Guilloteau and Eugénie Béziat have created three surprising combinations. ‘Mets et boissons’ offers eaux-de-vie and liqueurs; ‘Mets et vins’, reveals secret terroirs and winegrowers, and ‘Mets et softs’ features juices, broths and fermentations.

A sustainable approach

Biodiversity and short supply chains

The holistic ethos of Chef Eugénie Béziat and team shines through on the plate: local produce, responsibly grown, with respect for nature and her seasons. Bon appétit!

De la graine à l'assiette

The Hanging Gardens of Paris

Gastronomy, taste, texture and environment, all in harmony

The restaurant's kitchens are fed with fresh herbs and fragrant flowers by eight permaculture eco-islands, irrigated with rainwater. These suspended plots allow borage, chives, basil, nasturtium and other herbs to thrive, delighting taste buds and bees alike.

The Ritz Paris ‘kitchen garden’

The secret of our sustainability

Right at the edge of Paris, 1960m² of permaculture plots produce fruits and vegetables harvested in harmony with the seasons. From September 2024, 70% of the fresh produce used in the Espadon will have been grown here, preserving both flavour and the environment.